Featured Aquacultured Coral and Inverts:

Discover Live Coral for Sale at TerraReef

Welcome to TerraReef! If you're looking to buy beautiful healthy coral, you have come to the right place. We are home to an extensive selection of homegrown live coral for sale on the web. All of our corals are well conditioned to aquarium life. Every coral for sale we have kept for at least one year, while most we have kept for over ten years! Browse our collections of corals for sale today.

Richard Back's "Small Unboxing of TerraReef Aquaculture"

We recently shipped some coral to Richard and received some very positive feedback. We greatly appreciate his support.

How Can You Get Some of The Best Coral?

Just ask Joe Caparatta. Prior to September 2020 TerraReef was selling wholesale only.  Our aquacultured Aussie Gold Torch, Green Frogspawn, and Green Brain Coral were some of the favorites for Joe and the gang at Unique.